Suntory Boss Black

Suntory Boss Black Sparkling Coffee is a carbonated coffee soda which is sugar-free and claims to have a deep richness of espresso flavor. Boss, the brand name from which the product comes, emphasizes canned and plastic coffee drinks sold by the Suntory Company in Japan. This brand was launched in 1992 and is one of many Japanese canned coffee brands.

One thing Suntory Boss is particularly known for is its infamous series of commercials featuring well-known American actor Tommy Lee Jones. You can see one of those ads below:


Reviews from Across the Web of Suntory Boss Black Sparkling Coffee:

“It is truly a carbonated drink that will leak when opening the lid so watch out for that. For those who know espresso, this stuff definitely has the taste of that type of sweetness. To be frank I feel unusual about the strength of the carbonation, as it is very peculiar to my senses in conjunction with coffee of any caliber.”



“Although the aftertaste is that of black coffee, it has a nice uniqueness to it due to the lack of sweeteners. However, the flavor is so strong that for me personally it is a bit off-putting.”

“I tried drinking it but as it is a sugarless espresso, it was super bitter and there was no sweetness. Still, there definitely is the taste a sparkling beverage and because of that, it was not unlike drinking a non-alcoholic beer. However, like beer it does not go through the throat with ease, and there was something definitely hard to drink with every gulp.”