Stappj : the Coffee Soda with No Added Flavors


Stappj coffee soda is made in Italy by the Di Iorio Beverage Company. Di Iorio was established by Filippo Di Iorio in 1896 and is run today by the third generation of Di Iorios. This soda company has gotten to be quite well known as it utilizes top of the line innovation and a cautious regard for the environment. Impressively, Di Iorio can actually create one million five hundred thousand bottled beverages in a 24-hour time span.

Where did the name of Stappj come from?

Despite the fact that the name seems to have a Scandinavian ring to it, it actually has no association with anything Scandinavian. This name is really the Molisan (Southern Italian) colloquial variation of the Italian “stappa”, signifying “uncork”.

How does it taste?

Stappj’s products are quite famous for having an extremely powerful flavor. Some believe it’s due to the mineral water utilized; while others think it is because of packaging strategies that are more than a hundred years of age.

Other Interesting Facts about Stappj

The area where the industrial manufacturing facility is located has quite extraordinary significance, as it’s rather close to very high quality mineral springs in Molise.

The bottles of Stappj are 180 ml (6 oz) in size.

Reviews from Across the Web of Stappj

“They almost have an alcoholic taste yet they are quite clearly a hybrid of coffee and soda.”

“This stuff has the most unusually astonishing blend of coffee and cola.”

“To me it just tastes like sweet fizzy coffee. The ingredients are quite clearly coffee, sugar and carbonated water and frankly that’s all I can taste.”