Sixpoint Brewery

Sixpoint Brewery recently released a newer version of its Imperial Porter with Coffee, Cocoa, Vanilla and the addition of Cardamom. The label promises “Mad Science” and only something that could originate from a Turkish Bazaar.


10%      38       36

Reviews from across the web for 5Beans from Sixpoint Brewery:

“I love that this doesn’t taste like a gimmicky attempt to keep the bean count climbing. This comes across to me as an excellent big porter, satisfyingly roasty and warming, with hints of sweetness and coffee from the 5 beans. I won’t pretend I can discern them all, I just appreciate the subtle layers they add to a stellar porter.”

“Can pour. Jet black with clingy tan head. Aromas of coffee roast, bittersweet chocolate, and subtle vanilla cream. Flavors are cooked intensely forward, a mix of natural and sharp espresso with dull cacao nibs. It has unobtrusive highlights of cream and flavors. Smooth, robust bodied, with a chocolate and low aftersensation. The finish is smooth, dry, and earthy. A good beer.”

“Very dark brown with a small tan head. Smell is bitter chocolate, vanilla, cardamon. Taste follows the nose with dark fruits, mint, hops, and pine. Roasted/burnt malts. Very bitter. No coffee notes to speak of. Light mouthfeel. Best by Oct 2018. I’m going to age my other 4 pack to see if the flavor profile improves. I love and respect this brewery. Love their DIPA’s and pilsner, but there are many other Baltic Porters out there which I prefer for their complexity.”

“This beer pours black and is flat-topped with an inch of tan head that leaves some decent lacing. I am getting a mint and cinnamon aroma. It must be the cardamom. I get some coffee and a little bit of chocolate. The taste is coffee right off the bat which is quickly inundated with spices and chocolate. I never really taste the vanilla. It has coffee flavor in the aftertaste. Medium to full mouthfeel. This is an interesting beer. I drank two of them before I realized that there were various spices and flavors added besides coffee. I had a few beers prior to trying each of the other ones. On a fresh palate the spices really pop.”

“Pours a fully opaque black color with a full inch of tan head that retains well before becoming a thick ring around the edge of the glass and 1/2 sheet of sheer surface foam. Resilient lacing leaves a solid ring behind. Medium-roast coffee aroma laced with cardamom. Pretty sweet with notes of chocolate and caramel. Also a bit of booze fume. Great integration of coffee and spice that’s so smooth for the upper ABV. The bitter coffee roast is proportioned well with the vanilla sweetness. Slightly creamy with medium carbonation and a fullish body.Definitely the best in the series, if you can call it a series. 3beans was awesome, 4beans was a letdown and this is excellent.”

“Pure black in color with a tiny tan froth. Smells of roasted coffee beans, cocoa, milk chocolate and vanilla. Tastes of caramel, milk chocolate, bean husk and grain. It’s a bit toasty too. Medium to heavy and viscous for the most part, but thin in some parts. If that can even be a thing? Not a big coffee-forward type brew guy, but can always appreciate a well made beer of almost any sort. So while it is unlikely I will revisit this one, I still believe it is a dang good beer from Sixpoint Brewery.”