Pepsi Kona

It might sound an impossible mix however during the mid-90’s Pepsi-Cola Co. test marketed on the East Coast of the U.S. with a beverage called Pepsi Kona. According to Pepsi, this drink was to be a mix of its trademark Pepsi enhanced with Kona coffee to make a totally new and diverse taste experience.

For a considerable length of time before the product’s release, Pepsi prodded the Philadelphia audience of people with hilarious advertising slogans asking customers to prepare to “Spank Your Senses” and “Grab Life by the Konas.” The company even used a Hummer military vehicle to hand out free samples of the product to the general population of Philadelphia in order to get their responses.

Pepsi also ran a 30-second television advertisement highlighting well-known musical entertainer Tom Jones. You can see that advertisement below. Just a heads up, this ad definitely has that weirdness of the 90’s.

Why did it fail?

Allegedly Pepsi Kona failed because consumers didn’t want to drink fizzy beverages at breakfast, according to CNN.

What other Coffee Colas/Sodas are there?

You can read more about that here and here as well.

Here’s some Pepsi Kona reviews from across the web:

“Tasted like a**!”


“Effin’ delicious! Come on!”

“Holy cow this was the worst drink ever. It was like burnt Pepsi and acid!”

“I would lose an arm to just have one more sip of the stuff.”

“I don’t remember this. It sounds ewww.”

“I looooved the drink! I miss it sorely. I’m quite disappointed that it didn’t stay on the market. My opinion”

“My opinion hasn’t changed since the second gulp. It still tastes similar to barbecue sauce, but you know what, I kinda like it.”

“The taste doesn’t attract or repel me. I would not buy it, for the same reason I do not buy canned ice tea or coffee. If you want this flavor, make coffee and mix it with Pepsi at home.”

“Maybe they should have gone for a little creamier taste.”

“I remember my cousin would bring a 6 pack from his Mom’s place and always shared it with me. I miss it”

“Gross, gross, EWWW! This sounds like something you would drink to force as much caffeine as possible down your throat while pulling an all-night cramming session.”

“I was wondering where this went I loved this drink and still miss it. I wish I could still buy a few cases. I know it sounds awful but this stuff was one of my favorite sodas”

“I found this drink in Philly, loved it, then I went back and it was gone. Honestly this product.should have been test marketed in New York, where coffee drinkers have kept Manhattan Special coffee soda going since the 1890’s.”

“If you add a small amount of cold black coffe to a glass, then fill the rest with Pepsi it will taste exactly the same. I am from Philly and loved when this soda was available. It made me upset when it was removed so now I make my own!”

“I remember drinking this when I was in high school. My friends and I would fight over the last can. We never knew why it got taken off the market but it was simply delicious. The same as crystal clear Pepsi they get you hooked and then a snatch it away. Pepsi Kona would totally rock now because so many companies are adding coffee flavor to drinks.”