Pepsi Cappuccino: Pepsi with a Hint of Coffee Taste

Pepsi Cappuccino

Pepsi Cappuccino, alternatively known as Cafe Chino, and Max Cino, was a type of Pepsi that was sold in Russia, Romania, and different parts of Europe. This beverage did not last terribly long and seemingly had quite mixed responses. It is often stated that this drink was reasonably similar to Coca-Cola Blak and Pepsi Kona as well.

Reviews from Across the Web of Pepsi Cappuccino:

“I gave it the old college try (over and over again to be honest) and it was, much to my surprise, quite good. Well, that is to say at the very least it was far better than any coffee-enhanced cola made up until that point.”

“Pepsi Cappuccino was awesome – so keep an eye out for it coming back Coke!”

“It was actually sold over here in Finland for just a bit. We gave it a try – frankly it tasted repulsive.”

“Horrendous, disgusting, frightful!”

“We had Pepsi Cappuccino in Guatemala toward the end of Feb. 2006. It was truly sweet…reminded us of a “spiced” Dr Pepper. I didn’t generally get an “espresso” taste from it, yet it still was quite good. I’m surprised it never made it over to the US.”

“Pepsi Cappuccino was basically Pepsi with a sprinkling of espresso flavor, not by any means that of a decent cappuccino. It was mostly circulated in India, Romania and Russia, and trialed in a couple of different spots in Europe.”

“It actually tasted not unlike Dr. Pepper!”

“This was a sweet and strong carbonated cola. To my taste-buds the coffee is an accent, and was used like a lemon as a twist. Besides coffee, the vanilla flavor was quite strong, and this fact may be the origin of the name cappuccino (not espresso).”

“Sounds really gross!”

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