In the mid 90’s Starbucks briefly marketed a packaged refreshment called Mazagran. Through an affiliation with Pepsi, they sold this drink across the U.S. in super markets. The “Mazagran Spice Blend” cola was the main endeavor between partners Pepsi and Starbucks at the time, and unfortunately for them, was an utter disappointment.

In the book Pour Your Heart Into It, Howard Schultz explains that Mazagran was an icy, softly carbonated espresso drink with a name obtained via members of the French Foreign Legion who were posted in Algeria during the nineteenth century.

Folks who taste-tested the product back in California in the year of 1994 had pretty varied responses, some were spellbound, some adored it, and others abhorred it. A considerable measure of clients were ready to try the drink out due to the Starbucks name on the bottles, however Mazagran didn’t get the rehashed business which they had sought after.

Allegedly this sparkling coffee was initially tried during its testing run as a drink on tap, not in a container, and after that was discharged across the country as the packaged rendition.


Reviews from across the web of Mazagran

“It’s so unusual.”

“My father was a HUGE aficionado of the beverages to the point that when the drink ceased production, he made me call wherever they sold the stuff in hopes of getting one of the machines used to make it! Frankly with the ascent of caffeinated beverages and other espresso crossovers since the Mazagran drink, I honestly believe this stuff could have a shot at a fruitful restoration if released once again.”

“While Mazagran might not have been a win, what I adore about Starbucks is its drive towards persistently developing new and tasty items.”