Manhattan Special

Manhattan Special is coffee cola company which was founded in 1895. They serve a number of different drinks, the most popular of which is their pure espresso coffee soda. Created by an Italian immigrant, the beverage is made with coffee beans, seltzer water, and pure cane sugar. They also offer a diet version, made with NutraSweet.

Manhattan Special

Reviews from around the web of Manhattan Special

“Manhattan Special is precisely what they say it is: a coffee pop. All the intense kick of coffee but with a thick layer of sugar and fizzy carbonation. The main issue is that it’s quite difficult to get.”

“At what point when did Amazon begin offering this stuff? It’s so elusive, and it’s amazing. Truly, marvelous!”

“I cherish espresso, although I despise soft drinks generally. Consequently, I thought this drink would be terrible. I was so stunned to discover how great it was. It had the tasty joys of espresso blended with the sugar and carbonation I don’t frequently like in a cola. Neither one of the sides was overwhelming. A great item!”

“In this day and age of caffeinated beverages, juices, and energy drinks, there is nothing that looks like a chilly Manhattan Special. It’s a thick and fizzy, ebony mix of coffee and seltzer finished off with a supporting pummel of unadulterated genuine sweetener. It muscles its way around the mouth, making itself at home, before bouncing down the throat like a major, ridiculous child going to play tackle football.”

“Lived in the NYC/NJ metro territories for a long time and this drink was one of my total most loved things about that time.”

“This is strangely the best pop you will ever have! glass holder, real sugar cane, and espresso. On the off chance that you like Coca-Cola,  then try Manhattan Special and you will end up being a flat out addict!”

“My husband cherishes this drink since he’s from NY. Long story short he got me to try it and I fell in love!”