Coca Cola Blak

Coca-Cola Blak, alternatively known as Coca-Cola BlāK, was a coffee-flavored soda presented by Coca-Cola in 2006 and was discontinued by 2008. The mid-calorie drink first was released in France, before advancing toward the United States and different markets.

The French and Canadian adaptations of Coca-Cola Blak were sweetened just with sugar. While the U.S. form of Coca-Cola Blak replaced sugar with high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium (something many folks complained about).

The magazine Consumer Reports stated that the French rendition of the drink was less sweet and contained more coffee flavor.

Also, the American and Canadian variants had a plastic resealable top on a glass bottle that looked like the classic Coke bottle, though the French/Czech adaptation was a bottle shape created from aluminum.

That being said in 2010, Coca-Cola FEMSA, the biggest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America, added coffee dispenser machines in Mexico under the brand name BlāK.

The Taste of Coca-Cola Blak

Here are some taste-tester reviews from across the web:

“It is not for everyone,”

“Let’s not mince words: Coke Blak tasted awful.”

“It tastes good and it kind of tastes like coffee. But somehow I could taste Fruity Pebbles in it as well.”

“This stuff was so good. I still wonder why production ceased, as I found this drink to be literally one of the tastiest and most unique cola experiences I’ve ever had.”

This is a video of Anderson Cooper trying this product with hilarious results:

Super Weird Adverts

This product honestly had some of the strangest advertisements I’ve ever seen! Check out this one:

Nutirional Information (U.S. Version)

US Version

Coca-Cola BlāK (240mL/8 fl. oz)

Calories =        45

Total Fat =      0 g

Sodium =        35 mg

Total Carb =   12 g

Sugars =         12 g

Protein =         0 g

Caffeine =       46 mg