Chazzano : Brooklyn Born Coffee Soda


Chazzano Brooklyn Born Coffee Soda is an Italian inspired carbonated coffee from Chazzano Coffee Roasters. According to the creator of the beverage, the impetus for the drink came from his Italian grandmother, Mary, who herself was a huge aficionado of the well-known Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda.

Chazzano’s owner argues that while Manhattan Special and many other coffee cola beverages have a lovely nostalgia, they also add unnecessary ingredients which change the flavor profile of the drink and incorporate sugar and other artificial additives. Accordingly, the staff of Chazzano advocate for a much more natural mouthfeel, body, depth, and complexity with this particular beverage.

Reviews of Chazzano Brooklyn Born Coffee Soda from Across the Web

“This drink has a strong roasted coffee smell, comparable to a newly brewed pot which has afterward been chilled. The taste is exceptionally strong, quite acidic, and even reminiscent of espresso. I definitely taste some chocolate in there as well.”

“This stuff tastes almost as good as beer!”

“Quite invigorating from every sip! No sugar and no phony additives.”

“My children cherish this cola and it’s a great alternative to the conventional and very sugary soft drinks we see these days.”