What’s Carbonated Coffee ?

Extremely Carbonated Coffee

Carbonated coffee, also known as “fizzy coffee”, “coffee soda”, or “sparkling coffee” is a new and yummy way to enjoy your coffee. This drink is often made by mixing sparkling water with some type of cold brew concentrate. Makers of carbonated coffee seem to agree that if the coffee isn’t cold then it will not work. In other words the coffee should be nice and icy for the best results possible.

Why specifically won’t hot carbonated coffee work?

According to the posters of coffee’s sub-Reddit, heat and carbon dioxide gas do not tend to mix very well. To be blunt, this combo is likely to result in a big old mess all over your clean kitchen. Not too mention that the gas itself will largely, if not completely, be removed from any hot brewing process. At best you will have a hot cup of coffee which has a tiny amount of carbonation in it.

What benefits are there to drinking carbonated coffee?

The carbon dioxide will in fact make the caffeine in the coffee hit your system much more quickly. This reason alone definitely could be why carbonated coffee has been gaining so very much popularity in recent years. Or at the very least having carbonated coffee is something different. And dare I say not drinking this type of coffee might be a bit of otherwise sorely missed fun. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a nice bubbling beverage?

What other beverages might be good to try with carbonation and coffee?

I’ve read a bit of espresso into a glass of club soda and ice can be really quite lovely. In particular this thought supposedly rings especially true on a hot summer’s day. Also please note carbonated water is bitter so it is often a good idea to add a sweetener too.